Transportation Planning

At Canete Medina, we provide an array of multi-modal transportation planning services, with a focus on integrating roadway, pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation facilities and strengthening the linkages between modes to improve transit options. We specialize in transit planning and in helping public transportation agencies to increase ridership, provide better services, and improve operations.

Our past projects include market and systems analyses for the Chicago Regional Transportation Authority (RTA), encompassing the multiple modes of walking, bicycling, bus, heavy rail, and commuter rail; a travel market analysis for the RTA Cook–DuPage Corridor, involving auto, bus, heavy rail, and commuter rail; an RTA fare model study involving bus, heavy rail, and commuter rail; and a number of RTA customer satisfaction surveys for bus, heavy rail, and commuter rail. We have assisted various public transportation agencies in the Chicagoland area, including the Chicago RTA, Northeastern Illinois Commuter Railroad (Metra), Chicago Transit Authority (CTA), Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District (NICTD), and Pace Suburban Bus. We have also worked with departments of transportation at both the state and regional levels, such as the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT), Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), and Detroit Department of Transportation (DDOT).

We have specialized expertise in employing geographic information systems (GIS) and data analytics for transportation providers, as well as for our other private and public clients. Representative analytical studies include a regional market and systems analysis study to increase transit ridership and a multi-modal corridor travel market analysis for the Chicago RTA; an access-to-work study and Origin-Destination surveys for Metra; geocoding of ridership surveys for the NICTD; and GIS development for the Heart of Illinois Highway Feasibility Study for IDOT.

Canete Medina also provides transportation-related services, such as operational benchmarking studies, financial studies, environmental analyses, location studies, specialized community outreach efforts, and more. Representative projects include a signs and markings operational study for CDOT; a financial feasibility study for a proposed Personal Rapid Transit System in Rosemont, Illinois; location engineering and environmental analysis for the IDOT Heart of Illinois Highway Feasibility Study; and community outreach for the CTA Blue Line Workforce and Business Community Study.