Transportation Market Analysis

The purpose of the project was to examine the travel patterns and characteristics of travelers in Lake County, Illinois. The project also aimed to investigate unmet transit needs, and to propose transit service concepts to meet those needs.

Canete Medina (formerly cmQue, inc.), as a subconsultant to Cambridge Systematics, conducted an on-board origin-destination survey of Pace bus riders to assist in the analysis of the travel market in the county. The survey was completed in three weeks. Canete Medina assisted in the survey design, translated the survey to Spanish, printed 8,000 questionnaires with unique codes, conducted the field work, and processed and encoded approximately 3,500 survey responses. The study area has a high percentage of Spanish-speaking residents and Canete Medina fielded at least one bilingual surveyor on each bus to assist Spanish-speaking riders with completing the questionnaires.

Year Completed: 2012