Geographic Information Systems

At Canete Medina, we provide our clients with mapping and spatial data analytics using geographic information systems (GIS). Canete Medina can create GIS-based decision support tools for any number of applications, including:

  • Business and Location Analytics: Analyzing and displaying business and financial data to evaluate potential locations for manufacturing, warehousing and distribution facilities.
  • Planning and Environmental Analysis: Developing GIS databases that combine census, land use, transportation, utilities, environmental features and other types of data for use in scenario planning.
  • Transportation Planning: Integrating socio-economic, transportation and infrastructure data to assist decision-makers in improving transportation services.
  • Market Research: Compiling, consolidating, and visualizing market data.

We have a long history of success at GIS and data analytics for transportation providers, as well as for our other private and public clients. Representative analytical studies include a regional market and systems analysis study to increase transit ridership and a multi-modal corridor travel market analysis for the Chicago RTA; an access-to-work study and Origin-Destination surveys for Metra; geocoding of ridership surveys for the NICTD; and GIS development for the Heart of Illinois Highway Feasibility Study for IDOT.